On Site Material Recovery Facility

“Transparent, Cost Effective, Convenient”

WARM is a pioneer in promoting the concept of On Site Material Recovery Facility (MRF).

Realizing that customers/ generators need to focus on their core activity, WARM offers its integrated waste management services right at the customers’/ generators’ “backyard”.

WARM takes care of the entire chain of waste management services – hauling, sorting, recycling, composting and final disposal.

On Site MRF fills the need for a reliable, transparent and secure way of handling and disposing solid wastes.

It likewise fills the need for a systematic, organized, and professional way of meeting the requirements of R. A. 9003 – The Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000.

Because it is an integrated service and because hidden risks and hidden costs are eliminated, On Site MRF also reduces the total cost of waste management.



For a stronger and separate focus on industrial and community waste management, WARM is set-up in three divisions – the Recycling & Recovery Division (R&R), the Solid Waste Management Division (SWM) and the Centralized Material Recovery Facility Division (CMRF).

Recycling & Recovery Division (R&R)

A. Waste Recycling

B. Composting

C. Nature’s Way

D. Anaerobic Filter Bed Baffled Reactor

E. Crusher-On-Wheels

F. Scitsigol

G. BF Converter

H. Customized Waste Management

Solid Waste Management Division (SWM)

A. Pook Kalikasan

B. Villa Organica

Centralized Material Recovery Facility Division (CMRF)

A. On site Material Recovery Facility

Total Waste Management (TWM)

A. Total Waste Management

B. Waste to Energy