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For a stronger and separate focus on industrial and community waste management, WARM is set-up in three divisions – the Recycling & Recovery Division (R&R), the Solid Waste Management Division (SWM) and the Centralized Material Recovery Facility Division (CMRF).

Recycling & Recovery Division (R&R)

A. Waste Recycling

B. Composting

C. Nature’s Way

D. Anaerobic Filter Bed Baffled Reactor

E. Crusher-On-Wheels

F. Scitsigol

G. BF Converter

H. Customized Waste Management

Solid Waste Management Division (SWM)

A. Pook Kalikasan

B. Villa Organica

Centralized Material Recovery Facility Division (CMRF)

A. On site Material Recovery Facility

Total Waste Management (TWM)

A. Total Waste Management

B. Waste to Energy